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Auto Repair Glossary AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID (ATF) Definition: A special kind of oil for use in automatic transmissions. There are several types: Dexron II, Dexron III, Type F, Mercon, Mercon V, Chrysler 7176 and several varieties of Chrysler ATF-Plus. … Read Article

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News Schlumberger Announces First-Quarter 2013 Results
Schlumberger Limited today reported first-quarter 2013 revenue of $10.67 billion versus $11.17 billion in the fourth quarter of 2012, and $9.92 billion in the first quar … Read News

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News Audubon Engineering Expands Oil And Gas Engineering Services
Full-Service Project Solutions Provider, Audubon, Expanding Oil and Gas Engineering Services for 2013.Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 20, 2013 For many years, Audubon Engineering has been providing its clients with innovative, high quality and cost-effective engineering services for all of their needs. Most recently, this Houston-based engineering firm has announced an expansion in its engineering … Read News

YouTube Garagien TV45, Gilera TG 125 The Different oil Mixing Systems …
I know about 5 different types of engines referring the fuel/oil mixing. 1) TG 1 of course with mixing manually. Frame without oil inside main tube. TG 2 with oil pump on right side (outside main crankcase). Oil hose coming from top. … View Video

YouTube Oil Air Compressor — The Basic Differences Of The Oil And …
One must understand that there are basically two types of air compressor pumps, oil-lubricated system and oil-less system. Oftentimes, people tend to think that each is better than the other though in fact, … View Video

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Wikipedia Dry Sump – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
If the oil in a wet sump is forced to one side in the oil pan the oil pump pickup tube can be temporarily uncovered leading to a loss of oil pressure. … Read Article

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Wikipedia Heating oil – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Heating oil, or oil heat, is a low viscosity, liquid petroleum product used as a fuel for furnaces or boilers in buildings. Home heating oil is often abbreviated as HHO Heating oil consists of a mixture of petroleum -derived hydrocarbons in the 14- to 20-carbon atom range. During oil refining … Read Article